A Dead Animal Inside The Air Conditioning Ductwork

Despite the best intentions of domestic and commercial property owners, it isn't always possible to catch every pest animal immediately, and from time to time these animals may die in and around these properties. One of the worst places for this to happen is when an animal has died inside the air conditioning system, as it can send the smell throughout the building, and it can also be quite a challenging place to get to. However, you certainly shouldn't ignore it, and there are serious implications that can be the result of not dealing with the dead animal promptly.

The Health Implications Of A Dead Animal Inside Your Air Conditioning

It is important to bear in mind that if you have a dead animal inside the air conditioning system, then it isn't just the bad smell that is going to be circulated around the whole property. Animals such as rats or raccoons can carry a range of parasites and diseases, and if these are of the type that can become airborne, then these particles could be shared with everyone in the property. The other aspect to bear in mind as well is that the scent of a dead animal is one that will attract other pest animals, and these pest animals can also have health implications for those who live or work in that house or business premises.

The Challenge Of Removing The Animal

The main difficulty when it comes to getting rid of a dead animal inside the ductwork of a domestic or commercial property is that it can often be difficulty to identify where the carcass is, and also gaining access to the inside of the system. It is also important to make sure that the air conditioning is switched off until the dead animal is removed, as you don't want to risk spreading any diseases from the carcass. While getting the dead animal out is important, you will also want to take care to ensure that you do so without causing any damage to the system itself, and if you cannot safely remove the carcass yourself it is better to hire a professional rather than causing damage to your air conditioning system.

Bagging And Disposing Of The Carcass

Before you bag and remove the dead animal, make sure that you have taken precautions to prevent the transmission of any diseases or parasites, by wearing gloves and long sleeved clothing to prevent direct contact, and also wearing a mask over your mouth to keep out any airborne particles. Make sure you carefully move the carcass into a thick garbage bag, and double bag it if necessary. For smaller animals, they can usually be disposed of in the garbage, while larger creatures may need to be buried or incinerated. Also, make sure you thoroughly clean the inside of the air conditioning where the carcass was located with disinfectant, so that no particles or smell from the animal will continue to circulate.

Hiring A Professional To Remove The Animal

While you may not have the experience to get into the air conditioning ductwork, your local air conditioning maintenance expert should be able to know how to get to each part of the system for you. It may not be ideal to have to pay for help, but it is certainly better to have an expert carry out the work rather than causing damage to the system. In some cases, there may also be animal removal experts in your area who will be able to help, although it is worth making sure they have the appropriate experience of dealing with animals in the air conditioning system.

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